Locally Sourced & Organic Food

From Humble Beginings

Beijing Chinese restaurant is one of the leading authentic Chinese and modern Asian restaurant in the kingdom more than a decade.

Beijing Chinese we are committed to provide you with an exceptional dining experience every time you walk through our door.

Beijing Chinese restaurant offers a combination of authentic Chinese and modern Asian menu from the different part of mainland china and Far East. Surely no cuisine on earth could match the diversity of Chinese cuisine.

The secret of good taste lies largely in the freshness of the ingredients, and in their harmonious combination, where ingredients dance with spices and sauces, a good Chinese chef like our know this.

Apart from the mouth watering food we offer private dining rooms with Karaoke facility in every room with wide range of songs to select. (Rooms can adequately accommodate 10 to 45 people)

The icing on the cake is our prompt, efficient and personalized service.